Written by 2016-05-24 on Botextra

Replacer is a find and change word system. It changes the word  with another you specify automatically.You specify your words and then the replacer will find and change them. 

 Replacer works compatibly with the other Botextra features like cloner,content storage and tracker.

Example; you have a series  site and you want to change the title of the series added to your site.You dont have to replace them one at a time because you can replace all of them at once with the Replacer automatically.You can change all the titles with the title "watch Poyraz Karayel" to "watch Poyraz Karayel in HD" and all of them will be changed automatically by the Replacer.

You can customize the content in accordance to the words you change with the Replacer.In addition, case-sensitivity feature is also available in the Replacer system.