Storage System

Written by 2014-02-24 on Botextra

Storage  System

Pool system is a content space that botextra provides for you. You can add the contents that you are planning to add your website to our Storage system first and you can individuate it or set a time so our system can add that content to your websites even if you are not on your computer.

For example, you have a new website, and you are willing to copy another website ( the whole content that the website you are copying has ) if you try to add 1000s of content in one time your website might seem as a spam. In this case you can add the content to our Storage system and time our Storage system so it adds for example 50 contents in an hour.

You can take advantage of our Storage system when you need get out of the town for a couple of days and you want to keep your website active, the only thing you need to is filling your Storage with content and time it.
You do not have to add content to your Storage by yourself, our follower and cloner systems can automatically add content to your storage.

Our Storage also uses our template model and spinner system so your website will be up to date and original.